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CV ↓

Yura is an experienced graphic designer specializing in creating packaging and identity for brands. He currently creates the visual style of products as a freelancer. former art director of the company mr.viet, graduate of the Russian-British university of management.

his diverse background in design, product, management, brand, communications and research creates a holistic view of what a great experience looks like. All this combined with a unique style forms a solid foundation for creating product design in the ever-changing social, technological and business fields.


i'm on a mission to bring beauty, clarity and joy through artistry alongside authentic design. 

that short yet comprehensive statement reflects the things i do throughout my life. if it feels a bit too abstract from the beginning, i'll help you to get the idea:

*mission is the purpose of doing things in a certain way according to your values and principles.

*beauty is a category, referencing to sensorial experiences that pleases our aesthetic feelings.

*clarity is the quality of being coherent and intelligible.

*joy is a state of being, connected with happiness, well-being, or experiencing emotional uplift.

*artistry is a great skill in creating or performing something, e.g. design.

*authenticity is the quality of being real or true.

so, that's my mission: to bring beauty, clarity and joy through artistry alongside authentic design.

this semantic field corresponds with me: 

accessibility, aesthetics, ai, analytics, art, authenticity, autonomous vehicles, business, chill, co-creation, collaboration, commitment, communication, community, craftsmanship, critical thinking, culture, data, design, digital, diversity, dry flowers, easygoing, electronic music, empathy, ethics, experience, experiment, exploration, fashion, freedom, graphics, green energy, growth, humanism, impact, inclusion, intuition, kindness, leadership, management, meaning, meditation, mission, mobility, modern, machine learning, nowness, observation, partnership, photography, product, research, responsibility, strategy, startup, style, support, sustainability, systems, technology, trust, typography, uncertainty, vision, queer,

I love the intersection of things, complex subject areas, and working across functional roles to ensure we create a cohesive yet beautiful experience. I have previously worked as a salesperson and distributor, designer and print technician, brand designer, graphic designer, UX designer, industrial designer, web designer or digital designer; Occasionally I found myself in the role of photographer, lecturer, educator, creative technologist, strategist, copywriter, researcher, stylist or even chef for some projects.

The idea of multiple identities or multiple self-images is very satisfying and energizing to me.

My childhood love of style grew into my motto: “beauty and clarity.” I try to apply this to everything from telling a friend to buy space boots instead of regular sneakers to writing a blog or creating communities.

if you want to do something together, don’t hesitate to say hi: