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ginger beer packaging / 2024.04.03

playlist about balance in the imbalance of soul and mind, fears and self-confidence, joy and humiliation, the search for stability — 21 tracks 2h 25 min. spotify / balance

a collection of my favorite marks for the period 15–2024

playground / 2023.25.03

personal design reassembly. i just want to record the moment of revision of design values and a new vector of development 🅟 / 2024.02.03

logo for residence / 2024.15.03

developed an identity for a cybersecurity project from russia / 2023.03.07 🔒

i tried myself as a model and actor, gained vast experience working with big brands and creative teams from around the world, incredible experience within advertising production and the entertainment industry. i gained an audience of more than 600 thousand people on different platforms and just had a lot of fun gaining strength for the new stage / 2020

proposed and sold the idea of Vietnamese coffee filter to starbucks and created a packaging / 2019.15.08 🔒


a new position as an art director in mr.viet and moving to → vietnam. over the past 2 years, we have launched several successful products on the market, presented the brand on various platforms in asian countries and entered into partnership agreements, increasing our market share / 2017.14.02

together with stepan solodkov, with the support of maria chmir and denis bashev, we organized the city’s first behance portfolio review for the creative community and had a great time / 2016.18.04

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